Camera Traps

Camera traps is not something one can buy at the local camera store. There is also some risk involved, leaving expensive equipment for weeks and even months in the wild. Because of this, my equipment consists of second hand cameras , lenses and flash units. The camera as well as the individual flashes are protected by enclosures that shield against the elements, such as wind, rain and snow. Several meters of cables connect the camera with the flash units and the camera is triggered by a home built PIR (Passive InfraRed) sensor.

Camera trap
Camera trap

Equipment used:

  • Canon 500D (APS-C) with 15 mp
  • Canon 550D (APS-C) with 18 mp
  • Canon 5D II (Fullframe) with 21 mp
  • Canon 6D (Fullframe) with 24 mp
  • Sony NEX (various models, APS-C) with 16 mp
  • Various lenses between 14 and 28mm
  • Nikon SB-25, 26, 28, 28DX and 80DX flash units
  • Cognisys Scout
  • DIY PIR based sensors