Epic South Africa

2015: This image has a long story with a great ending… National Geographic bought it and used it for an online feature titled ‹Epic South Africa›.

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News article in 20 Min, Aargau,Switzerland

20 Minutes

2023: Photo featured in a news article about European Wildcats in the local Swiss newspaper ’20 Minutes›.

Jahresprogramm Natur-und Vogelschutzverein Niederrohrdorf


2021 and 2022: Coverpage for the yearly program of the local Nature- and Birding club.

Jahresprogramm Natur-und Vogelschutzverein Niederrohrdorf

Naturkunde Museum Fribourg

2020: Poster for a special exhibition about the European wildcat at the Museum for Natural History in Fribourg, Switzerland.

Naturhistorisches Museum Freiburg, Schweiz

Fitness Trail, Jurapark Aargau, Frick

Fitness Trail, Frick

2019: One of my Lynx images was used on a board of the fitness trail in Frick, Kanton Aargau. This is an initiative supported by Jurapark Aargau. It is a trail through the forest with various points suggesting different exercises. Additionally, it provides some information about nature.

Fitness Trail, Jurapark Aargau, Frick
Fitness Trail, Jurapark Aargau, Frick